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Sell to all business types.

You know how your arena works and how your customers want to do business. We help put them together.

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Don't just get a commission, set your own margins and price products your way.

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There's no need to establish your own merchant account. You can use ours to process all payments.

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Your store should look like it's yours. Create a storefront that looks like your business.

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Bizrise is a great opportunity for distributors of every business type. Product and Support is awesome.

Pronoy Bizrise Distributor (Kolkata, W.B.)

I run my online aggregator business with nearby stores. Bizrise is perfect for same. Kudos!

Ranvir Singh Bizrise Distributor (Bijnor, U.P.)

Very innovative opportunity for distributors. Fastest return on investment. 5-star for support.

Suraj Bizrise Distributor (Alwar, Rajasthan)